Many of the leaders I work with are extremely successful – they have done much of what they set out to do. But they want more. In addition to success, money, and impact they seek deeper meaning, greater connectedness, clarity, and peace.
Jim Dethmer is a coach, speaker, and team builder. Jim works with leaders and their teams, strengthening their effectiveness through customized coaching and consulting. His keen insights and straightforward delivery of principles and practical behaviors enable breakthrough results in personal growth, team effectiveness and organizational alignment.

For over twenty five years Jim has been coaching leaders and supporting individuals, groups, and organizations to optimize their effectiveness.  His ability to see issues clearly and communicate next steps crisply makes him both potent and practical.

Jim has coached CEO’s and their teams from Fortune 200 companies, leaders from nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurs in privately held firms.

Jim’s professional purpose is to support the expansion of conscious leadership in the world.    

Jim is married to Debbie Burditt and together they have six children.

"My first meeting with Jim was likely the most signifcant turning point in my professional development.  Simply put, my sessions with Jim have dramatically improved my productivity and reduced my level of stress.  He has served as a masterful guide in leading me into a state of flow in all aspects of my life."

James Placio
Managing Director
Macquarie Corporate and Asset Funding, Inc.

"Jim's work with our team has challenged us in ways previously unimagined, fine tuning our communication, improving our performance, focusing our actions and advancing our culture. The positive impacts are too many to list here."

Mark Kaufman, MS, PT, ATC
President, AthletiCo

"Jim has played a critical role in not only identifying the key aspects of the culture at Analytic, but also in developing a systematic process to ensure we maintain this culture as the firm grows."

Harin de Silva
Analytic Investors

"I am extremely grateful for the coaching I’ve received from Jim over the years.  He regularly challenges many of my most deeply held “truths” and has helped me through some difficult transitions with great compassion and encouragement.  As a result, I’ve developed new perspectives that have enabled me to enjoy greater levels of appreciation and satisfaction."

John D. Skjervem
Chief Investment Officer, Personal Financial Services, Northern Trust

“For the past three years Jim has facilitated our YPO Forum retreats.  I have found his facilitation to be very skillful.  He has created both a safe and challenging environment that has supported my growth as an individual and our connection to one another as group members.”

Shantanu Narayen
President and CEO