For the past eight years much of my work has focused on the investment and asset management world. I have partnered with Jim Ware, Jamie Ziegler and Fran Skinner to become the experts in leadership and culture in the investment world. We have worked with over a hundred of the leading money management firms in the world.

My contribution to the team has been to facilitate planning offsites, teach principles of high performing investment teams, and personally coach the leaders of some of the best firms in the world. Together we authored High Performing Investment Teams, contributed chapters to Investment Management, edited by Wayne Wagner and Ralph Rieves, wrote several key articles on culture and leadership, and spoke to CFA events around the world.

Typically, investment professionals have very high IQs but are not as developed in EQ (emotional intelligence). This disparity becomes apparent when they move from individual contributors (analysts) to managers (PMs) and leaders (CIOs). My gift is helping these gifted people develop the management and leadership skills to both lead and work effectively with others. The result for the firm is better, sustainable long-term performance.

I work with both the investment leadership of the firm as well as mid and back office along with sales and marketing to create a powerful alignment of purpose and vision that serves the client and engages the people in the firm.

I am committed to supporting the expansion of conscious leadership in the investment world and do this by leading the Conscious Investment Leadership Circle. This powerful group is made up of leaders from the investment world who are committed to their own self awareness and to leading their firms from the highest state of consciousness. Contact me for more information about participating in this group.

Additional Investment Clients:

• Addenda Capital
• American Beacon
• American Express (Ameriprise)
• Analytic Investors
• Ariel Capital
• Brandes Investment Partners, LP
• CFA Institute*
• Cohen Financial
• Cornell University Investment Office
• Convergent Capital Management
• First Global
• Genus Capital Management
• Investment Adviser Association
• Institutional Investor
• Johnson Asset Management
• K.G. Redding & Associates, LLC
• Mawer Investment Management Ltd
• MKP Capital
• Morgan Stanley
• Natcan Investment Management
• Northern Trust Global Investments
• Old Mutual Asset Management
• Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company
• ProFund Advisors LLC
• Research Affiliates, LLC
• Sionna Capital Management
• Standish Mellon
• State Street Global Advisors
• U.S. Global
• UBS Global Asset Management
• William Blair & Company

"Jim Dethmer and his team helped us in some important ways: decision making (clarity and speed), enhancing trust and team dynamics, defining our culture more precisely, and thinking through our strategic direction and business model. They are very skilled in their work.”

Rob Arnott, CEO
Research Affiliates, LLC

"I am extremely grateful for the coaching I’ve received from Jim over the years.  He regularly challenges many of my most deeply held “truths” and has helped me through some difficult transitions with great compassion and encouragement.  As a result, I’ve developed new perspectives that have enabled me to enjoy greater levels of appreciation and satisfaction.  
I enthusiastically recommend his services without qualification to anyone who is serious about evolving to a higher plane of personal and professional consciousness."

John D. Skjervem
Chief Investment Officer, Personal Financial Services
Northern Trust

Powerful leaders are aligned leaders. Powerful organizations are aligned organizations. Aligned leaders and organizations have a clear inspiring purpose, operational integrity, and high energy.
Many of the leaders I work with are extremely successful – they have done much of what they set out to do. But they want more. In addition to success, money, and impact they seek deeper meaning, greater connectedness, clarity, and peace.
Jim Dethmer is a coach, speaker, and team builder. He has lectured before more than 250,000 people worldwide on subjects related to personal growth and development. Jim has worked with leaders and their teams, domestically and internationally, strengthening their effectiveness...