The leaders I work with are successful. Many are extremely successful.

By this I mean that they have done much of what they set out to do. They’re not finished but they have accomplished a lot. They have checked many of the boxes when it comes to…

• Leadership
• Career
• Fame, image, reputation
• Money
• Family
• Volunteerism

They are in many ways “masters and commanders” of their own world.

AND they want more!

They talk about wanting more in the privacy of a trusted relationship. It’s not more money, fame, power, image, challenge, or even impact. It's more significance. They call it meaning, connectedness with themselves, their family and friends, and something beyond the material.

This move from success to significance is the growth edge of many leaders in their forties and fifties. Not all make the move. Some are content to become more and more successful, but some want significance along with success.

If this interests you, this is a conversation I would like to have with you.

We’ll talk about …

  • What is your biggest “why?”
  • What is the biggest purpose that life has for you?
  • How to move from personality-based leadership to essence-based leadership
  • How to live and to lead without effort or trying
  • The freedom and power of letting go
"I was a professional problem solver but my life had become a problem that I couldn’t solve on my own.  I needed help, a coach, a teacher, a mentor, a truth teller. I found all of these in Jim Dethmer. Jim showed me that there was another whole set of tools which were readily available, easy to use and highly effective.  He is a caring person who saw me as I really was, loved me for my humanness and showed me a better way to be in the world. Jim is also a living example of the change that was possible and the joy and happiness that can be achieved when you begin to live in your genius."

Jim Atkinson
Formerly CFO Ariel Investments
Currently pursuing his passion for flying
by becoming an instructor pilot.

Powerful leaders are aligned leaders. Powerful organizations are aligned organizations. Aligned leaders and organizations have a clear inspiring purpose, operational integrity, and high energy.
Jim Dethmer is a coach, speaker, and team builder. He has lectured before more than 250,000 people worldwide on subjects related to personal growth and development. Jim has worked with leaders and their teams, domestically and internationally, strengthening their effectiveness...
I coach a group of world class investment leaders who are committed to being as effective as leaders as they are at managing money.