Powerful leaders are aligned leaders. Powerful organizations are aligned organizations. Aligned leaders and organizations have a clear inspiring purpose, operational integrity, and high energy.
Many of the leaders I work with are extremely successful – they have done much of what they set out to do. But they want more. In addition to success, money, and impact they seek deeper meaning, greater connectedness, clarity, and peace.
Jim Dethmer is a coach, speaker, and team builder. He has lectured before more than 250,000 people worldwide on subjects related to personal growth and development. Jim has worked with leaders and their teams, domestically and internationally, strengthening their effectiveness...
I coach a group of world class investment leaders who are committed to being as effective as leaders as they are at managing money.
Jim Dethmer is one of the best executive consultants I have ever worked with. He really walks his talk! 

– Gay Hendricks
Author of over 30 books on personal effectiveness including The Corporate Mystic
Chairman, The Hendricks Institute