One of the things I love about what I do is that I work with individuals, teams, and organizations.  Coaching, team building, and organizational alignment are the cornerstones of my work.  I’ve learned over the years that doing one piece of this puzzle and not the others leads to less effective results.  What is a leader apart from their team and what are teams apart from the organizational context in which they exist?

To support leaders, teams, and organizations I use my gifts for public speaking, event facilitation, and conflict resolution to create breakthrough experiences.

My work with you can come in any of these forms.  What is common to everything I do is that I listen deeply to what is being said and not said and to what is really occurring. I speak clearly to what the possibilities are and to the current issues that are not being faced directly.  And together we commit to getting you what it is that you really want.

Powerful leaders are aligned leaders. Powerful organizations are aligned organizations. Aligned leaders and organizations have a clear inspiring purpose, operational integrity, and high energy.
I coach a group of world class investment leaders who are committed to being as effective as leaders as they are at managing money.