Everybody has conflict at one time or another, professionally or personally. We all get stuck.

Supporting you to get unstuck in a way that is best for you, the relationship, and the organization is what people bring me in to do.

After talking to the parties involved in the conflict I give you a realistic prognosis for the relationship. In my experience, by the time I’m called into an organization about 50% of the time the relationship is ending, is over, or has served it’s purpose. People know this at one level but they don’t know how to bring the relationship or partnership to completion in way that leaves everybody able to move on without lugging loads of baggage (e.g. bitterness, resentment, guilt, and incompletions) into the future. Together we unpack the relationship in a way that leaves everyone in the best position going forward.

The other 50% of the time, if I’m called in early enough and the relationship is still viable, we work together to remove barriers that are keeping the relationship and the parties stuck in repetitive, unproductive cycles. By using proven methods we move through impediments to relational effectiveness in amazingly (to the people involved) rapid time and with deeply respectful conversation.

Powerful leaders are aligned leaders. Powerful organizations are aligned organizations. Aligned leaders and organizations have a clear inspiring purpose, operational integrity, and high energy.
I coach a group of world class investment leaders who are committed to being as effective as leaders as they are at managing money.