Just like leaders, organizations do best when they are aligned.

Unaligned organizations waste time, energy, and money. Unaligned organizations are characterized by low levels of trust, high levels of drama and gossip, revisiting the same issues over and over without resolving them completely, unnecessary politics, low morale and engagement, and sub optimal effectiveness.

Organizational alignment begins with the leaders’ commitments to personal alignment and the alignment of the leadership team. Organizations are rarely more aligned than their leaders and their leadership team.

I love to assess organizational alignment and do this with a series of online assessment tools combined with interviews of the key opinion leaders of the firm. Once the data is in the choice for the leaders is usually clear and next steps become obvious.

Powerful leaders are aligned leaders. Powerful organizations are aligned organizations. Aligned leaders and organizations have a clear inspiring purpose, operational integrity, and high energy.
I coach a group of world class investment leaders who are committed to being as effective as leaders as they are at managing money.